Kong Vault

the Kong Vault is a Intermediate Vault while the other 3 variations are Advanced Vaults.


Kong Vaulting can be difficult. Perhaps the most difficult part of the Kong Vault is the takeoff or the "dive". Kong Vaults are most often displayed on tables those of which seen at parks.

Try from the side with the bench if it's your first attempt or if your experienced try it long ways.

Get a running start and head towards the table (obstacle). Literately dive over and kick your feet up. Careful not to kick your feet to high as you'll flip forward and have a nasty landing. Try to keep your feet at a moderate height above the rest of your body as you dive. When you hit the table with only your two hands pull your feet from above you to below and exit as if a Dash Vault or Monkey Vault.

King Kong Edit

King Kong Vault is the same but when you hit the table hop with your two hands pushing forward land on the table again with still but two hands and exit.

Triple Kong Edit

Same with the Triple add another hop with your hands having a total of 3 hops.

Quadruple Kong Edit

The Quadruple Kong should have a total of 4 hops with the hands.


The King Kong, Triple Kong and Quadruple Kong can be very dangerous and require proper practice and working towards.

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